Managing director
Financia Investment

Associate member of the Richelieu Committee:
“#Innovonsensemble”. This committee provides more in-depth knowledge of the challenges of innovation within companies through meetings and dinner conferences around personalities.
Member of Hi-Team: “regularly discover major innovations”.
This association allows an exchange between leaders, managers from all horizons around current themes.
HEC Alumni

Eric Howsam, manager of Financia Investment since 2015
25 years of experience
Employee and entrepreneurial path
Creator of 4 companies: an IT company, two management consulting companies and Financia Investment as a holding company.

Personal expertise:
financial analysis, valuation and training in corporate finance.

Favorite topics:
– Ecosystem of start-ups
– Pedagogy: work to optimize the transfer of knowledge between the student and the trainer
– “Is the evaluation of start-ups approachable by traditional methods? (subject of professional dissertation from HEC)
– Balance scorecard

• Since 2014:
Many missions in corporate finance: business plan, financial analysis, evaluation
Support for CEOs, CFOs on cash flow issues, budget management

• From 2015 to 2021:
Assistant professor to Pascal Quiry, professor of finance at HEC Paris and co-author of the Vernimmen (“bible” of finance”) as part of the online certification program, ICCF@HEC Paris. 
11 promotions accompanied, more than 5000 students with between 70 and 75% success in certification.

– Follow-up of students during the 6 months of training; answers to questions on financial analysis, valuation and financing and investment choices.
– Supervision of case study meet-ups.
– Preparation of students for certification.

Finance d'entreprise

Graduated with a master’s degree in Finance in 1994 and a specialized master’s degree in Financial Management from HEC PARIS with honors in 2021.

Holder of certificates from HEC PARIS in finance and strategy, from Columbia Business School in M&A and from CEGOS in professional training.